Jay Z at The Barclays in Brooklyn

Jay Z wasn’t focused on looking good for the press (even though he did impress with his limited edition ensemble making headlines on every fashion blog worldwide) during the opening of the new Barclay Center in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. He was excited about giving back to his community and making it known for more than being a rough neighborhood that birthed a few of the greatest legends in Hip Hop including himself, Mr. Shawn Carter. The world renowned mogul was excited and nervous at the same time. Such an investment within his community showed that although his bank account increased, home is where his heart is.

Thousands gathered at the Barclay Center to celebrate this pivotal moment for not only the superstar but the neighborhood as well. Many fans who couldn’t afford tickets for the nearly sold out slew of 8 shows over the next week simply gathered outside of the venue to pay respect to such an accomplishment. “It’s HOV, nobody else represents for Brooklyn as hard as he does. It’s good to know he still cares, maybe others will” a pedestrian told Fox 5. I was in shock to be getting off of the number 5 train to see a whole new world that mirrored something out of a movie. It felt as if I was surrounded by family. The love was there in Brooklyn. Celebrities, athletes politicians and more made sure to show their faces and bless the red carpet in order to be a part of history.

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter has come a long way in the last 20 years and he knows it. Trying to hold back emotion and fighting the flu the “business man” made it a point to not hold back anything and gave his all on stage. Even though some critics say that he wasn’t as energetic as he was earlier this year at Madison Square Garden, he was still monumental on stage. It’s another day and it’s about another dollar. Jay Z wasn’t on stage to perform, he was on stage to motivate and inspire his people. He spent most of the show articulating his resume and ensuring fans that being on [this] stage was a humbling experience. His new family stood on the side of the stage cheering daddy and husband on. Blu Ivy had seen Mom on stage but this would be her first time seeing daddy perform. That’s a hell of a first time to witness in my opinion.

Overall, Jay Z is leading by example with his most recent business venture. It is okay to make it in life. Everyone should strive to be as successful as you can be. It’s a curse to be complacent. You should always want to be better and do better and when you do , don’t forget where you came from. That’s the lesson of the day kids and I hope you all visualize your dreams and find a way to introduce them to reality.



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23 thoughts on “Jay Z at The Barclays in Brooklyn

  1. Well…. This blog just about made my day. I am a huge fan of the man and his craft. I have seen him in concert twice and both times i was left in awe of how seriously he takes his gift. Thank you for blogging and congratulations on being freshly pressed.

    • I do agree. He gets a lot of negativity but he doesn’t boast about his philanthropic endeavors. This is a great highlight of his passion

  2. Jay-Z, champion of social causes? The man voiced his ignorance about what the Occupy movement is about, then proceeded to capitalize off of merchandise based on the movement (http://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2012/09/10/jay-zs-occupy-wall-street-problem-is-hip-hops-occupy-wall-street-problem/). SHAME. Jay-Z laments the poverty he grew up in and yet mocks the people who fight to change it. Maybe he does something somewhat altruistic now and then. He knows how to make money. BFD. Freshly pressed – but not impressed.

    • Please do not insult Word Press for featuring me because you werent impressed. (Props on the pun rhyming) You have points about his past however I wasn’t setting him up as the mother Theresa Within this post. I simply pointed out that he cared enough to attempt to invest in his old community and that is rare in the African American community. We can go there if you like I am educated enough to hold that discussion. Thanks for reading and even more commenting. I look forward to your response.

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