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Jessica LaShawn

A personal mentor

Jessica LaShawn started her first business at the age of 9 interviewing celebrities and local community Allstars. Her passion for sharing the life experiences of key community stakeholders lead her to start numerous business ventures throughout her life. Now known for the grand impact of Mogul Academy, she’s utilizing her wealth of knowledge to assist others on their journey to Manifesting their Destiny. A published author, former on-air personality and lifestyle blogger- her impact has generated a large following over the years. Her focus is to help as many people as possible see, accept and activate the greatness inside of them. If you’re looking to be the best, allow Jessica LaShawn to assist you with your transformation.

I told Jessica what I wanted to do career-wise. She designed a resume for me and within 24 hours I had an interview. She is passionate and able to get the job done.

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My Life Journey

Jessica LaShawn has created a platform centered around the Manifest Your Destiny mindset which is a personal compilation highlighting the spiritual journey that the author went through to find the source of her strength. The quest to become the very best person that you can be prior to launching a philanthropy conglomerate is necessary in order to remain grounded within the world of business as a social activist. The book was written in a fashion that showcases a unique perspective on how to view the issues of your past, present, and future symbolically for a word from the Creator. Her mentoring opens the door to personal growth, peace, and understanding. Learn how to see your imperfections perfectly in order to live the perfect life.

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