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My Monthly Period Is Ruining My Relationship

The joys of being a woman are endless until a certain week within every month comes around. I find my own self to be unbearable but there is no way to escape my own existence without a few irreversible consequences. Therefore, I feel even worse for my boyfriend.This past month I was able to embark on my version of pride week where my body physically reminds me that I am a woman and for that I shall suffer. It is comforting to know that as a Christian I can blame Eve for her thoughtful actions that have plagued many generations before me and even more for an eternity. Yet, the guy I’m currently committed to isn’t a fan of this biological ritual because it makes me act a little more erratic than he would like.

I couldn’t help but ask him what he knew about women and their special time of the month. He mentioned that we bleed and always want to eat and to shut us up his dad told him to rub our tummy. Yes, these are core elements necessary to co-exist with us but that wasn’t enough for me. I asked him to explore more of his thoughts and he just said he would rather not deal with me and my tampons/pads that can hold a glass of water.
My eyes were as big as mountains when he said “hold a glass of water” – this may be TMI but I haven’t found a pad yet that can hold a glass of water. Lead me to it and I will be glad to spend money. I’m a heavy bleeder and was even dumped for wearing an adult diaper when a previous boyfriend popped up at my house. Trust me he didn’t say is that a diaper? You’re now single. He just never looked at me the same afterwards and after two weeks he all of the sudden wasn’t available for comment or tummy rubbing

So you see, men are just not equipped with handling real girl problems. I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that my boyfriend wants to have his “me” time during my most needy moment of the month. I understand that I allow my evil twin to take over and even Midol runs away from me but if he really cares he will look beyond my mean behavior because 3 weeks of love and happiness are right around the corner. Am I crazy to be upset that he thinks it is necessary to have his distance? I firmly believe that as a society we need to better engage conversations about what really happens during a woman’s period so that guys won’t think its all about blue liquid, fairies, happy music and being secretive with whimsical tampon applicators!

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