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Whisky, Lesbians and Iggy Azalea at House of Blues Chicago

The best thing about life is the ability to live it honestly. I try really hard to do so and one of the ways that I connect to living life is through music. I recently attended an Iggy Azalea concert at the House of Blues with my wonderful friend/rapper Bradley Write also know as Mr Writeous. We were both excited to be engulfed within a new level of pop and hip hop music, well, I was, Bradley was more so into what Iggy would be wearing. All that aside, we walked into the arena and quickly realized that we were of a new breed or more so “old breed” amongst the auditorium.

The crowd was as diverse as could be with one common fabric of a connection spanning from wall to wall that spewed an overpowering montage of love and gay pride. Welp, that’s cool with us but it was at THIS show that we, two 30 something, african american, heterosexual, middle class constituents would get a lesson in what it means to live your life while being human, simply human. I never would’ve guessed that behind all the modern splashes of feminism and self empowerment painted throughout Iggy Azalea lyrics that a tribe of non formal thinkers would see her departure from common American perspective as inspiration and hold true to it all in the name of biblical pop culture and music.

While munching on our Jamaican chicken wings and french fries purchased in house washed down with a special blend of whisky playfully hidden from security, we were approached numerous times by a young lady named Jill. She was a white, early 20’s blonde girl that I personally wouldn’t have sold liquor too for a firm disbelief in her ability to 21 years old. She was whimsical and profound and also very inquisitive. She asked me what my name was and began to ask me about the role Beyonce and Rihanna are playing on the sexualization of minority women.
This conversation was a little too much for me to handle over the loudspeakers while enjoying Iggy attempt to keep a steady dance pace with her phenomenal dancers. She saw that I wasn’t able to completely engage her so she ended the conversation by telling me that I remind her of her mother. I uncontrollably mumbled the word “B!7c$” which caught the attention of my buddy Bradley who then joined the conversation. Jill asked if we were together and while lacking unison both gave different answers. She then asked 2 more times until we both said we are off and on again in a relationship. (Totally false FYI! We are JUST friends although Bradley is super cute.) She began to tell Bradley how my body made me appear to be motherly and nurturing. He playfully smacked my bottom and agreed. Jill then proceeded to tell Bradley how to please me in bed since she was a professional lesbian and a fan of the figure 8 technique. I found this a little too invasive but Bradley who is a professional with wordplay and the fine art of “as$-holeism” saw this as a way to mingle with her premature existence as she proceeded to tell me that my mouth was tempting and my breast deserve attention.

The word play between the two about objectifying women, sex and relationships was too macho for my delicate ears but I was grateful for him “taking care of the situation.” Jill apologized for annoying me but she really didn’t. I stood there and mingled with a few other fans only to notice that Jill was just like all of the other people in that room. I began to think about the old saying “you are what you eat.” we eat music daily by way of our ears and all of the young people seemed to ooze expression that saluted freedom, individuality and self empowerment. Did I miss a memo being broadcasted throughout Iggy Azalea’s music that would have prepared me for this crowd. I felt challenged and refreshed. I sat back and watch the show and took in all that she spoke on that stage as the lines about being financially free, loving yourself and not taking bulls#1t from anybody was kissed with flavorful dance moves and eloquent stage segways. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was better to be the center of attention or be the one to provoke change.

Thanks to Monster /Idol Roc for the tickets.

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