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You Are Who You Attract, Dress To Impress

Everyone knows that I went from the retro-give-me-my-afro-neo-power girl to the prim business woman over night just about a year ago. I did that after evaluating where I was and who I wanted to be in life. I told some of my close female friends the difference my wardrobe made in my ability to socialize and network with people of influence. In short, I’ve been preaching the power behind the concept that “You Are Who You Attract.” So, dress to impress!

I know that I am known for my dating blogs due to my colorful adventures with love but this one is centered around people in general as that is just as important as dating. Here are my five executive reasons why you should dress up almost every day of your life starting now!

5. Empowerment

If you are reading my blog I would like to think that you are someone of prestige or at least on your way there. I highly doubt you’re someone who worships any rap song that makes you feel like you’re less than a woman. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t say that because I personally turn into a “trap ratchet” when I play my work out music. So, how about we forget the previous two sentences never happened. Empowerment is all about your personal perception of yourself and your ability to reflect that to others. When you want to constantly “sell” yourself to others before you open your mouth, you have to do so with your image. You need to empower your character and set an automatic tone of respect by displaying who you are and or want to be with your wardrobe.

4. Enrichment

Be a positive motivating force within your hood! It didn’t take me long to see that when I go outside and the little girls on my block see me, they respect me. They ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I make the world a better place for you to live in. They believe that because I dress like I am on a mission. I recently heard a story from a dear friend that went to meet a group of kids and speak to them about the importance of self-esteem. She was amazed at the lack of respect other speakers had for the kids by showing up in jeans and even pajamas to impact the youth. People often say that you need to appear relatable to the kids to really have influence. I have never believed that. When you speak to the youth you need to present them with the best version of you that may inspire them to want to be like you when they grow up. That is the power of enrichment through fashion.

3. Exclusivity

You are not on the hunt for the next DMX but accepting business cards of any professional man who may meet your standards. I live in the hood still. Dont judge me, I have obligations here and don’t worry, I spent my fair share of time being “uppity” in a well off neighborhood before. Yet, when I walk outside of my house in my neighborhood, I hear things from my neighbors ; men, women and children, addressing how nice I look and how [when] they get the chance to dress up they will mimic some of my wardrobe ideas. The guys in the hood rarely try to talk to me. The only ones that do are the ones that “appearance wise” match my hustle. I know that may sound bad but come on, how many times have you seen an imprisoned young man try really hard to date a judge. Sure the art of persuasion is unforgettable amongst human nature but for the most part guys know when a girl is out of their league and vice versa.

2. Experience

There is no better way to live life than to be ready for life as it happens. After converting to my dress up ways, I have found myself always ready for what ever may happen. People have invited me to plays, the opera, to meet the first lady of the United States and even sip white wine on a yacht, all because I was already dressed for the occasion. While you are out there mingling with others that are obsessed with making this life that they have worth it, you want to make sure they know that you’re batting for the same team, immediately. Don’t miss your blessing by dressing lazy. Wake up and show the world that you’re in charge by stepping out on faith each and every day ready for the above average happenings!

1. Engagement

Lastly, you want to attract who you want to be. If you want to be welcomed into the club of educated and professional negro women, men and children (you mad or nah at that comment?) – you need to dress to impress. Only people who are over 30 and own more jeans than slacks get upset with this notion. We are of a certain age now and should dress accordingly. Your pre-internet teen years and wayward twenties are gone now and or pulling up to the drive through of adulthood now. If you want to set your self apart from “Pookie” and “Delishious Thymicka” you need to look like you’re on the road to greatness by way of the hard knock streets of urban-ness.

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