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A Man Can’t Do Me Like My SHOES Do Me!

Dear Roger Vivier,

Thank you for making the stiletto heel. My Shoes and I appreciate your vision. Men often wonder why women are so into shoes. Shoes are like children, they will never leave you as long as you take good care of them. They might break on you but a shoe repair shop is never too far. When it comes to relationships,my boyfriends have always bought me shoes. I have big feet (10 1/2) and that never stops their quest to impress me with something they’d love to see me in and would die after having the thought that another man would. Yet, the title of this posts suggest that a shoe, no matter what level your romantic relationship is better than an actual man. Let me explain.

It takes a hell of a woman to be able to get rid of all the emotional toils she has developed over the years by way of relationships gone wrong. Those toils become baggage that hinder her from entering into a new relationship later on down the line. How can a shoe improve your transition between partners over time? Easy, my advice is to attach a certain pair to your ex. Honey when you slide that sexy little shoe and or ugly one on and walk around you are stomping out your problems and doing it in a way that makes you feel empowered.

I know it sounds crazy but give it another thought or two. I like to buy at least one pair of shoes as an exit relief strategy per relationship. I buy the sexiest thing I can find that will drive another man wild. Ladies, I am sure we’ve all heard it before; one man’s garbage is another mans treasure. Don’t allow a relationship gone wrong to dictate your future with another man. We’ve gotta pack all of the drama and save it for our stiletto. Put that mess under your feet and get ta’ stepping!

Overall, my man can’t do me like my shoes can do me because they are two different parts of life. Just Live to Love so Life can be Lovable. And while you’re doing all of that, gone and get a pair of killer heels to get on your road down a path of less emotional baggage, kick it.

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