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3 Things Kanye Taught us With Fade Teyana Taylor

Kanye taught us three very powerful lessons with his new video “Fade”! Kanye is known for his creative antics that somehow speak to our heart and harness the unthinkable things we are afraid to say. That’s why we love Kanye! He’s that artsy cousin we all have that others are obsessed with and make fun of constantly. But Kanye is no joke. His influence allows him to utilize his platform in subconscious ways that we realize his genius ten years later. The video “Fade” is no different.


Let’s take a mental walk. When you saw the video featured Teyana Taylor what’s the first thing that popped into your mind? Word, Ye’ putting Teyana Taylor on for real huh. Yup, you thought about it. You probably ran a quick list of her accomplishments including having one of the best bodies you’ve ever seen!


Point Number One

Invest in your own! Allow them to showcase their talents to the best of their ability and let them show you what they are working with. Teyana did a straight up tribute to Coming to America and Cooley High with a refreshing sprinkle of the movie Honey. These are iconic elements of the “Black Experience” that surface and showed out on the screen for our enjoyment.


Jessica LaShawn interview with Teyana Taylor

Point Number Two

Ye’ and Teyanna showed us how empowering it is to workout and enjoy some time alone. It seems like society has taught us that if you spend time alone just doing whatever you want that brings you joy without hurting others is lame. We all need some alone time to workout and dance to some music while no one is watching. It’s euphoric and to some could be a spiritual awakening. I’m doing squats now as I type this thanks to Teyana and her body. Also, I love how she was half naked but it wasn’t about her being over Sexualized it was about her feeling the music. She showed us how to feel it and we did that without seeing her as less of a classy woman. I saw her as art and not a video chic. That’s talent!

Teyana Taylor

Point Number Three

A wise hip hop lyricist said that “it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.” At the end of the video you see Teyana Taylor in a shower with her baby daddy/soon to be husband. (No that’s not the rapper Designer) If that wasn’t enough her daughter was placed in a few frames resting on sheep. (I think those were sheep, I was somewhat distracted) ! What we learned from this was that Ye’ is about that generational wealth and communal wealth. Stop hiring outsiders to do a job when you have family that can do it. If you’re the only one making money in your crew and you’re not sharing opportunities you’re a part of the economics problem more so than the solution. Keep these words in mind… “For Us By Us!”


I wish Tidal allowed me to do a referral link but here is the video



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