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How to Maximize Your Online Presence Utilizing Instagram Video

The Internet is slowly but surely forcing people to go above and beyond their comfort zone in order to solidify some type of validity online. You have parents that buy “.coms” for their newborns in hopes of ensuring their child’s ability to be grandfathered into a solid online presence. The quest for social capital is real. It’s safe to say that money is no longer the biggest desire of some because it’s been replaced by fame.


It’s hard to force your way through the crowd so that you can be in the forefront of the diaspora of your niche. While on Instagram, I realized that my videos were gaining more traction than my pictures so I made a conscious decision to step my game up by creating motivational gif videos. I was able to predict how such a trend would revolutionize the instant moment of insight that takes place during an individual’s scrolling process.


People are more inclined to click on your videos and engage with your content if it is a video due to a level of curiosity that lingers. You want to know what’s in the video that you can’t see upfront. Instagram shows you how many people like your picture but doesn’t showcase the logistics of impressions across the platform.


If you want to ensure your brand takes advantage of this new trend and ensure your ability to grow your fanbase – prepare to stop being lazy with your posts. If you want to be and or stay relevant you have to follow trends and upgrade your skills. Since I posted my first #motivationalgif I’ve notice the growth instantly. I gained over 100 followers per day.


The Internet is a battlefield for attention. In order to really take advantage of a new wave you have to be resourceful. Google the following things to assist you with creating a captivating #motivationalgif. I’ll include a few examples. I’m new to this so I’m not able to develop a high resolution and professional product as of yet, but , today my guy GaryVee joined the craze. Due to his large following I’m sure this will become standard quickly. Here’s how you can get on the bandwagon.
1. Create your own gif with original content or Google gifs that embody the focus of your quote.

2. Depending on your platform such as IG or Facebook, there are special techniques to assist with posting or you can convert your gif to a video.

3. You’ll need an app or a program to place an overlay of a quote. My favorite apps are VideoShop and PocketVideo.

Check out these fresh examples and watch the impact!

Good Luck

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