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Manifest Your Destiny Series: The Power of Consciousness

The hardest thing you will ever have to do is come to terms with who you are as a person. At some point in time we all have to be held accountable for who we have allowed ourselves to become in compassion to who we think we are and who we think we should be. Life has a way of teaching us lessons that subconsciously have an effect on our every day behavior and decision-making constantly. While walking downtown in Chicago, I’m often encountered by people asking for money. I know that you can’t give everyone money but I like to give what I can. I stopped giving at one point because I’d given my last to a person and saw them use the money I needed to get home with to buy cigarettes. I’d decided to walk home so that this man could have something to eat. I was hurt and upset with myself for giving him my last. I’d decided at that point not to give again.

A few months later while out with my boyfriend we were asked by someone if we could spare some change and my boyfriend was about to reach in his pocket to give something to the young man and I tried to stop him. He was shocked by my lack of support in giving to the man in need. He gave him two dollars and asked me why I reacted in such a way. I told him my story and he had to break down my actions and how they were not that of a Christian, a human and a or person with a reasonable sense of understanding. I decided to walk around with a grudge constantly associating the choice of someone else and holding everyone else accountable for a strangers actions. I was not wrong to give my last, I was however , wrong to take out my frustration with him on everyone else. I allowed my life to be affected in a negative way by something and someone I had no control over. What else have I allowed to affect my life’s decision making with similar logic?

Being aware of who you are, what you represent and who you aspire to be is a fundamental part of being conscious. I’ve recently come to terms with the idea that you have hints of who you are meant to be from childhood. I now believe that we often ignore the things that we are passionate about and destined to pursue because we are often told to live within a “what I CAN do” boxed mindset. Or we allow negative experiences to serve as imaginary prisons preventing us from making our dreams come true. It seems odd to say that the moment in time in which you were the most aware of what made you happy and why was during your childhood. The bible talks about the innocence of a child. The opinion that as we grow older we are exposed over and over to images and concepts that we are supposed to reflect and we some way somehow loose who we are in the process of meeting those social bars appears true. It is time to take back our life from society and embrace that inner child’s mindset. Empower yourself with the ability to think for yourself without incorporating what others tell you.

In relation to my story, you also need to come to terms with why you act the way you act. I cannot say this enough but it is necessary for you to take note of your everyday actions and really think about what made you react that way. It took me a few weeks to understand that the real reason why I was mad that the homeless man used my money to buy cigarettes was because of the domino effect of circumstances that took place afterwards. As a result I had to walk home and crossed paths with a guy that sexually assaulted me. Deep down inside I blamed the homeless man for taking my money or even asking me for it and moments later forcing me to go through an emotional whirlwind I wasn’t mentally ready for. We all have triggers and now is the time to sit down with yourself and get to the root of all of your issues. This is the hardest thing you will ever have to do because you will have to face your hidden, suppressed and often over bearing demons.

You must stay focused and enlist some form of support from a loved one or a friend depending on how deep your past is. Some of you may be wondering what does chasing your childhood issues and bad experiences have to do with being a successful entrepreneur. It’s simple. If you are finally going to do what you love to do the most in life you’ll need to make sure that you’ve made room in your heart to actually be happy. When you aren’t happy you get distracted from progress. I heard the saying that the devil doesn’t show up at your door with red flesh, horns and a pitch fork. He shows up wrapped up in everything you’ve ever hoped for. The gift of discernment is key to surviving attacks placed on your life by the enemy. If you find yourself under attack, think about where you were in your life when it all started. It usually happens right when you are on the doorstep of a breakthrough. The reason for the distraction is to deflect your attention from reaping the benefits of the blessings you’re about to receive . You never get to see those magical blessings because you’re too busy worrying about what the enemy has placed in front of you that forces you to have tunnel vision and ignore the prosperity you’re almost able to reach. Again, I ask that when you question God about what’s going on in your life and ask for some type of discernment and leadership skills as you prepare to embark on any type of leadership role … really think about what you were focused on and being successful at just before your attention was shifted. When you realize you’re being set up for the fool within any type of situation — step back and analyze where you were, where you want to be and how far along you are on that journey. The key to focus and being conscious is being able to zone in and out in order to gain or regain clarity when your surroundings change.

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  1. This is so true. You’ve made some awesome points. Soul searching is a must and making room for happiness . You’re going to make me shout! I tell you!

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