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Manifest Your Destiny Series: The Power of Free Will

Free Will is a noun normally defined as “the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion” within the Oxford dictionary. I’m positive that we are all familiar with free will but from a less talked about angle. Free will reminds you that you have a choice to do things. Yet, we rarely talk about what it means to act on making a choice or deciding to do something else. When you’re working on how to Manifest Your Destiny, Free Will becomes a head on collision with how to avoid procrastination.

“Whatever you dare to dream and do, Godspeed… Go make yourself proud” Christopher Gardner states to almost every crowd gathered to hear about how he turned his misfortune into one of the most prolific testimonies of our time. We all have obstacles we face in life but few are able to survive the work it takes to get over them. In the midst of choice is a secret skill necessary to your success and it is called faith. Faith is the seed rooted within your destiny that motivates you to get things done. Without faith your dreams are null and void which is why few people step out on a limb to follow their hearts. You’re reading this and taking notes on how to avoid messing up and wasting time so that you can get as close as you can to make your dreams an everyday reality.

Look long and hard within yourself and chose to live the life you were made to live. Chose to live the life you’ve always imagined yourself living. Chose to be happy by spending time doing things that will make your dreams come true. You’ve made numerous life altering choices in your life and this by far is one that you won’t be in vain. By acknowledging that you embrace the concept of Free Will you are equipping yourself with the ability to engage every aspect of yourself and make choices to be better, do better, represent better and inspire better.

The video you just watched pointed out three aspects of why you aren’t at the point in your life that you imagined you would be. The first reason for your set back is the possible fact that you lack faith. Few are able to grasp the understanding of what faith is and how it helps you to achieve. When you have faith you no longer see difficulties as difficulties but you see them as things that will not hold you back. The second reason you may not be where you want to be is because you may lack passion. You may be blessed to know what you are passionate about, but, is it at the forefront of your life? Is it what you think of as a necessity? If you add faith that you can do all things with God on your side with passion making the growth and utilization of your talents grow as necessary as eating and breathing then you are well on your way to truly answering your life’s calling.

Lastly, you may be held back in life because you lack this one thing which makes all of the other things possible and that is action. We all have dreams and aspirations but they are just that when they are not followed by action. Action is what allows things to get done. When you act you are truly utilizing your ability to highlight your free will. You decide how your life will be every day from now until your tomorrows are no longer possible. Take charge  of that power. Do not allow your happiness, your fate and your purpose to rest in the hands of another person or your past. Take charge of your life today!Choose wisely!

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  1. I especially love the part about “action”. Without it, you’re just sitting around hoping and waiting for your destiny to manifest itself and fall in your lap… Thank you for this!!

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