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Manifest Your Destiny: The Root of Procrastination

As an avid “A personality” individual that happens to be born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, I feel enlightened enough to share my ideas on how to change your life and eliminate procrastination almost immediately. We all suffer from not being able to get things done and motivating ourselves to develop razor-sharp focus that will lead us to the finish line of any project but sometimes we just can’t get there or even start without a little help. Last year I noticed that incorporating a few changes in my life made an immediate turn around and suffocated my longing to procrastinate. I bet you’re wondering how I even came to the conclusion of why I was so prone to procrastination, it was easy. I realized that underneath all of my confidence, brilliant world-changing ideas, phenomenal network skills and resources, I was afraid. I was afraid of failure. If you know me you’d be shocked to read that last sentence.

Seriously, think about it. Why do you procrastinate? Do you do it because it is easy to hold off on some things, because you are too busy already or it just isn’t a priority yet? Figuring that out will take less than a minute because you secretly know why but you don’t want to acknowledge that you have a problem. There is hope for you within the next few sentences because if you are reading this you have come to terms with your illness and you are ready for a cure to procrastination and bad habits.

Step 1 : Identify What Time of Day Works For You

Acknowledge that there are four parts to a day and figure out why they are important. How many of you even paid attention to this ideology? I know I didn’t until I sat down to write this blog. The day is made up of morning, noon and night and lastly sleep time. Yes indeed. Your duty is to figure out which area of the day you want to concentrate on your business, personal growth, family, relationships, networking and more. I’ll share my personal preferences as an example. As many of you know I am a flight attendant and a non-profit business owner. I am new to the work out world and I take care of my granny. That seems like a lot but it really isn’t. I had to sit down and figure out that in the morning I want to concentrate on taking care of my granny and myself while the afternoon is reserved for work and business development and the night-time was for “special people” and sleep. Doing so allowed me to design some element of structure to my life which takes us to …

Step 2:

It is necessary to develop a schedule that will allow you to have a plan for your day. The key to making this plan successful comes from your ability to know yourself and how you work. I personally have a short attention span and I like to play and or do other things frequently. Therefore, I came up with the idea of a 30 minute productivity time slots. When it is time for me to work I sit down and write a “To Do List,” I figure out what I NEED to get done, would like to work on and possibly brainstorming ideas for the future. This process normally takes 30 minutes because it needs to be detailed for me. With a normal “To Do List” you just write down quick notes to check off but a real “To Do List” allows you to draft the start of each project. This is encouraging when it is finally time to get work done. My “To Do List” usually contains a few sentences that need to go into emails of inquiry for Mogul Academy or students working with my mentoring program.

Step 3:
We live in a society that has trained us to want instant gratification. Since such a thing offers immediate rewards it isn’t hard to automatically adopt such a thought process without knowing it. Since we have been conditioned to reap what we sow quickly apply this to your To Do List. Think of rewards you can offer yourself after completing major tasks to the best of your ability. By doing so you reward yourself for what you know you need to get done. Think of it this way- your dreams are your job and when you do work your paycheck is whatever you feel is a reward for finally putting more effort into what you need to get done as you do scrolling o. Facebook.
Step 4 :
Do you have members within your circle that have similar passions, goals and or work assignments? If so ban together and hold each other accountable and encourage each other to get things done! I personally do better when I know people are watching me and I hate letting people down. As a natural-born leader it is in my DNA to lead by example.

Step 5:

Lastly, the root of procrastination is fear. What the heck are you afraid of? I know that when you finally step out on faith you all of a sudden come face to face with the fact that what you are working on may or may not be a success. The thought of being a failure awakens the vulnerability within some people. As a result it feels safer to just not put your all into whatever you have to do. Therefore you never learn how to fly and soar if you’re too afraid to take that ultimate leap of faith. That cliff of greatness your pacing back and forth on isn’t your destiny. Let Go and Have Faith in what God has Called You to Be and Do. Leap. Fall. Learn and the SOAR!

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  1. I was gonna procrastinate and write this comment but the way my life was changed after this blog i realized that i had to rearrange my priorities and i decided to type my comment now. Aint the Lord alright?

  2. I was in my cab about to shout when you said the root of it is fear. Whew! I felt that thang . Help me Jesus

  3. This is on my radar woman! This is going to be in my email that I send out to my employees every week. This is powerful stuff!

  4. Because Ive seen a portion of this book I now see what you’re doing with this. God is going to use you to move some emotional mountains with this thing.

  5. I really enjoyed this. I never figured that my fear would be why I wasnt able to get stuff done. If it isnt fear it has to be because what you need to get done isnt a proiroity and if it isnt then you need to figure some stuff out.

  6. This is on time girl. I suck at making time for things. I knew I wasn’t the only one but this really helped me to understand the importance of prioritizing. Its funny how things can really open your eyes when you focus on the obvious from an adult prospective.

  7. This is a masterpiece. I remember when you taught a class like this a few years back. Its crazy to think how small things can block your blessings and keep you from the ultimate plan God has for you. This Manifest Your Destiny Series is going to open a lot of door for you Miss Thang.

  8. I a so amped I know I tell you that after every post but I swear your stuff is serious. I feel like I learn so much from you on a blog than I do in a classroom. Keep it up

  9. I am addicted to this blog do you hear me. I literally check my email awaiting it to say new post from you. You never let me down. Im so proud of you and what you’re doing.

  10. Its all about knowing what makes you tick huh. Thats the starting point of all of this. You’d be surprised how powerful our mind is. It has to be for our past to be so important to our current and our future. Sermon

  11. Awesome message for a very common problem! I know I can be more productive and successful without it…thank you for “reading” me. Kudos dear!!

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