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The Manifest Your Destiny Series: The Power of Knowledge

Yesterday we talked about the power of understanding. The point of the reading was to remind you of the thinking process. As adults, we rarely embrace a challenge which in turn may be an opportunity to learn something new. This is important because the act of understanding highlights the empowering feeling of thinking. Ones ability to understand that they do not know everything and will never know everything is humbling but the quest to think about something in a new fashion leads to knowledge.

There are 7 Steps in my opinion that will prepare you to Manifest Your Destiny and these steps deal with a lot of soul-searching and a reintroduction to the fundamental aspects of life that what we do daily that are often taken for granted. Those that are wishing to Manifest their Destiny have taken the time to acknowledge that something is missing and feel that they have the power to change that. The will to be better and do better is the seed of greatness waiting to be nurtured inside of us all. You know that there is more to your life than what you are doing now. You may be looking for hints within your life they may inspire a vision that will lead you to some form of purpose for you life mission.

Watch the video below and pay attention to the presenters obsession with the word “YET”.

The word YET never meant anything profound to me until I realized the potential it harbored within those three letters. “Yet” sounds a lot better than “NO.” As future leaders, we want to be the best leaders and people we can be. We now understand that thinking is critical in order to advance. You must develop a thirst for knowledge to fill in the gaps between the things you know, you do not know, the things you understand to be your reality and the reality of others. Naturally we never hold into account that the way we see things is not always the exact view point of others. The treasure rests inside the ability to learn how others see situations and use that to expand our understanding.

The second step to Manifesting Your Destiny is to embrace the power of knowledge. It is best to avoid being discouraged by what you do not know, instead, face a challenge with confidence in your ability to grow your understanding. As adults we forget the amount of focus, ambition and execution exhibited by us as babies when we learned how to walk. The dedication that we gave to walking until it became effortless is usually forgotten once the act becomes second nature. That is how we approach life and our calling in life. We become complacent and comfortable with what we were taught in school. We rarely seek a challenge or an opportunity to think outside of the box. It is normal for adults to stick to what they know simply because it is safe.

When you see the Math problem 4 + 4 = 8, do you see that as a challenging equation? Probably not. You should ask yourself why you don’t see the potential the problem possesses. Open your mind up to how you can change that. As a leader you have to be able to re-engage your minds way of thinking. Your life should be a conglomerate of moment to moment experiences that make you see the world differently. This is important so that you can develop the mindset to see opportunity at any point in time, be inspired to learn what you do not know in order to take advantage of a chance and conquer it. The next time you think about the simple things that you were trained to know as simple questions of inquiry, look for the opportunity to reshape them. Are you able to seize illusive challenges? Are you ready to turn 4 + 4= 8 into 2 x 2 + 1 +3 = 7+1 ? Doing so allows you the chance to make your life a moment of opportunity and open the door to actively achieve success unique to who you are today and the person those opportunities will allow you to become for many tomorrows. Are you ready to seize the day and obtain the necessary knowledge? Are you ready to face your “Not Yet” battle?

If So, Welcome to embracing the power of knowledge!

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