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Dreams Are Free But the Hustle Is Sold Separately

I’m on a Metra train enduring a two-hour commute to participate in a Mentoring summit. As an entrepreneur, I determine my schedule. I enjoy waking up at 9 am after I’ve gone to bed at 2 or 3 am. But, today was different. I had to make a choice to sacrifice a lot of sleep to be a part of something that I believe in and would grant me an opportunity to grow. I think people miss the point of life sometimes. Every day is a challenge and or a test that is designed to force you to choose. Your choices determine your destiny. What you’re willing to give up is the physical manifestation of your desire to do and be more.


I wrote a book called Manifest Your Destiny: A Road Map to Living the Perfect Life. Living the perfect life is easy. All you have to do is accept and understand that your choices decide your fate. Every day is a challenge and if you live in the present and make the necessary decisions that will ultimately place you in a better position you have maximized the diverse opportunities of your life.


Living life and being aware of the power you have by taking the time to think about your choices allows you to live a life without regret. If you give your all everyday and accept that things will happen to you but your reaction to those things determines the effect and affect they have on you- you’ll see the power of a certain mindset.


I want to sleep. I was up until 3 am rebuilding my online school for the relaunch of Mogul Academy. I knew I had a conference at 9 that was 2.5 hours away but I made the choice to ignore how tired I was and write this blog. I’m making the choice to draft interview requests and design my social media contributions for the day. I’ll have a two-hour commute back and then 2 business meetings.

You need motivation to be an entrepreneur and you need dedication. Most people are obsessed with the money that’s flaunted with hard work but my dedication yields lives being saved. It’s not work or a sacrifice when it’s your passion. If you’re slacking or having a hard time making the proper decisions that will put you in better situations you need to evaluate your choices and your goals. Tomorrows  are never promised. Some people aren’t allowed to make it to the end of the day ,so , don’t waste your time!


Make the choice to be a blessing and be blessed . I fall off too but I had to understand that if I didn’t give my all I wasn’t allowed to dream. If I didn’t give it was because o was secretly afraid of failing or succeeding. You have to choose to give your all. Dreams are free but the HUSTLE is sold separately ! Are you able to pay the price?


Todays Qotd is


“When you are building something revolutionary, you may look delusional to those around you.”
– Lauris Liberts

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