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Your Social Capital Can Make You Money Online

Being an entrepreneur is tough. Life is absolutely unpredictable. We live in a world that centers around instant gratification. It’s our dream and we want it now and with a big pay off as well. But, as you may know- things never really happen that way in life for most of us. Or does it?


Last night, while attending an online training with Ethan from Social Insight IO, I realized that we may be luckier than we know of. Ethan showed us how to increase our online presence, curate 100 percent engagement on social media and how to research how to use your social platforms properly in order to monetize it. Of course, the free webinar ended with an offer to purchase his software to do such things after he gave us a bunch of tips that we knew of but they seemed so basic and obvious, we ignored it. We ignored it because it was a lot of work. But, that work can yield some instant and amazing results. Following his tips in one hour I was able to accumulate 50 new IG follower, engaged with at least 30 of them and scheduled a business meeting for next week with two of them. That’s powerful! Ethan was so good at highlighting what he sells along with some great advice that people bought his package. I witnessed him sell 15 packages for 300 bucks. Do the math. Ethan made 4,500 dollars sharing 4 tips through a webinar in one hour. You can achieve your dreams people you just have to do the work that you were never really taught to do but know is necessary.

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As entrepreneurs, we have to be aware that times are changing. In order to really increase your physical and or financial capital, you have to put in work to curate your social capital. While watching my #dailyVEE show featuring the new love of my life (mentor wise) Garyvee, I noticed that while he is in transit he takes the time to engage his social media followers that are connecting with him. I know a bunch of you aren’t doing that and I am guilty of it as well. But think about it, how can you expect to grow your online presence if you aren’t engaging. How can you expect your followers to be loyal if you don’t even value them enough to converse with them. It’s 2016, these followers ain’t loyal. I’ve been unfriended by my own friends and family for being wack on social media. A lost element of business is the ability to personalize an exchange. People feel wanted and appreciated when they walk into your shop and you call them by name or remember their Starbucks order. It’s the same thing with social media. If you want people to sing your praises and subconsciously promote you and or your business, you have to take the time to talk to people online.


If you are a brand or a business, you can research people tweeting, FBing or Iging about your so-called niche and attempt to talk to them about it. Make sure you follow them and show them that you think they are important as well as the things they are talking about. That’s how you can take advantage of some of the opportunities you already have and are dreaming of but you’re just too lazy to make that first move. Overall, if your dream is to be more successful, you have to make the time to be social with the people that can help you spreading awareness about your brand.


Here is the quote of the day…


“I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re goin’, and hook up with them later.”
– Mitch Hedberg


Now that you have the location to meet up with your dreams- I better see you making the time to get there.


Have a great day folks!
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