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5 Alternate Ways To Pay Back A Loan

Lord knows a girl like me has money problems from time to time. I’m still trying to figure this budgeting thing out. I’ve come a long way but there are times in your life when your mouth writes a check that your bank just will not cash. As a result, I’ve come up with a few creative ways to pay my debt off to a few people. It has worked for me thus far and all I have to do now is pay my lawyer (if he will even call me back) and my graphic designer and I am debt free. If you’re like me and your coins are low but your potential is high try these five tricks to hopefully substitutes that bill and these tips  just might buy you some time.


  1. Volunteer

Many entrepreneurs are proud and active members within the community. However, they are busy and may need help with representing at neighborhood events. Be a good debtor and volunteer your time to host a sign-up both for your friend’s organization at the next community concert, job fair or Teacher/Parent Night at a school. After all that is the least you can do for your buddy that woke up at 4 am to come tow your car to your grandmother’s house because you forgot your keys at the house of the guy you just broke up with right before he left for Nigeria.


  1. Refer

No entrepreneur can be upset with an individual that brings them reputable referrals. Referrals with good intentions means money down the line. If you’re busy providing them with new clients they may just feel more compelled to forget about those few dollars you owe them for helping to keep you out of jail that one time after you drank Tequila for the first time in your adult life.


  1. Promote

If you’re like me you have a somewhat engaged social media following that actually cares about what you have to say. Feel free to utilize your influence to introduce your followers to your awesome friend’s business. I want you to blow your friend up like Jesus comes down every morning to brush their hair because they are just that good at what they do! Since they saved your Macbook from total destruction after you decided to download a beta version of a chess game that turned out to be porn. It’s funny how a few seconds can cost you so much of your dignity. I just don’t know how I’ll ever live down the random moaning at my neighborhood Starbucks that I’ve been banned from.


  1. Tell the truth

Sometimes entrepreneurs are so focused on creating products and services just to have a roster of things to offer that they don’t take the time to run a few things by their friends for any advice. Feel free to utilize your good sound judgment for everything but money and tell your buddy how they can improve on the presentation of their business, retention of clients and more. Feel free to host a focus group or a viewing party in support of what they are doing. We all could use a little help and since your girl was willing to walk to a restaurant with her baby in hand to sew up your dress while you sat embarrassed in the bathroom on a date with the man of your dreams wondering if you have the runs. You owe her a few catwalks in your kitchen with your other good-good-girlfriends, after all, she told you to buy a size 12 but nah’ you wanna’ inspire yourself to get into a 10 and look where it got you.

  1. Work It Out

You can not go wrong with putting in a little hard work. If you know your friend is a solo entrepreneur or not in the position to afford help as needed within their business endeavor then you should work your debt off. Feel free to answer phone calls, send emails and even clean up. I have no problem helping my friends out in this capacity even if I owe them money or not. To be honest, if you know a struggling entrepreneur and you like what they are doing, donate your time, enthusiasm and more. Friendship is awesome but it doesn’t pay bills. Don’t just blow your friends off. Figure out a way to pay them even if it’s just a little bit at a time.  




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