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Why Can’t You Be Honest?

One of the hardest things to do on the day to day basis honest. Being honest with others is a challenge for most people and they don’t even know it. We cover up our lack of solace with the truth by pretending that we are avoiding uncomfortable situations. We tell people we like their outfit or their poem is amazing when in reality we thought it needed a little more work. I’ve noticed that we are seemingly trained as children to cover up our feelings and thoughts because it is the polite thing to do. It’s polite to let someone or something be mediocre, it’s polite to be forced to have an opinion about something that doesn’t interest you and it’s polite to say things you don’t mean.

We start this flawed way of thinking at an early age and we have become so used to it that we aren’t able to see how disruptive this is to our individual self. Lying to others becomes so easy to us that we soon start lying to ourselves. We strip ourselves of the power to be honest and secretly relinquish our cogency to do some real soul searching. As change agents of the world, we face this daily. Have you noticed it yet?

While writing my new book ‘Manifest Your Destiny,’ I came to the realization that I was pretending to empower youth, peers and myself. I would speak words of encouragement into situations, lie about potential and more because I thought I was helping people. I was really covering up my duty to be accountable. It’s my job to help people work through their problems, figure out their talents and solve the tough questions, but instead I was being polite. I wasn’t strong enough to be bold enough to get dirty, get real and do the tough things necessary to break a few chains holding my students, co-workers and self down.

Taking charge of your life, your feelings, your opinion and your beliefs grants you a level of dominion over your life. If we want to productive as entrepreneurs and life changers we can not lose our ability to be held accountable. That’s what helps us figure out what to fix in a business plan, what to do to help a student get into the right major at school and what can keep us sane when things aren’t going our way.

Make sure you take the time to uncover your eyes. Take back your ability to identify situations for what they really are and stop being polite just to ensure you avoid being strained. If there are things that others can do, you can do, we can do to be better – don’t allow your feelings to get in the way of my, your, our greatness.

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