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Janelle Monae- How Yoga tackles Feminism, Religion and Fitness

At first glance you may wonder, what in the world is the artist Janelle Monae doing when you press play on her new video “Yoga”. She is known for her conservative style and uplifting messages intertwined within her music that is always about awareness presented in a classy and self-respecting way. So, when the highly Hip-Hop and base infused song starts to flutter through your speaker , you become lost in the music but make sure you take the time to listen to the lyrics. The 29-year-old born and raised within Kansas City uses mainstream musical attention-getting  tricks to highlight feminism, religion and fitness.

Yoga” is the first single released off of her anticipated new EP untitled as of yet since the highly acclaimed The Electric Lady. The entertainer is serious about the words she seductively croons over the track as she baffles the listener with high hitting punch lines such as “Crown on my head, but the world on my shoulder” which talks about the stress of being human within a high paced society absolutely fascinated with the way others live their lives and maintain their existence. Especially women!  She goes on to say that she is “…too much a rebel, never do what I’m supposed ta” which is true of her image throughout the duration of her public career since 2003 and her contract with Badboy Music which was an epic platform for the soul singer.
She continues within the second verse informing us  that “sometimes I’m preachy and sometimes I’m vulgar, Even when I’m sleeping, I got one eye open, You cannot police me , so get off my areola.” An absolutely jaw dropping lyric to solidify the awesomeness of this song. Decoding such a cryptic message forced me to listen to this particular song on repeat for no less than two hours. The audacity of this woman to empower anyone who may listen with a subconscious awareness of how there are always different sides to an individual that makes them well-rounded, which takes up for the presentation of the song she’s currently singing on but also gives a new light on how you can reach people with knowledge by embracing different ways of sending a message. Sound familiar? Think of what the Bible teaches us.
Janelle Monae is a God-fearing woman known to be somewhat religious and Christian. She tackles the notion that Black women do not workout and aren’t aware of their bodies despite what mainstream media may focus on with their fascination of booty and curves. Janelle Monae has an amazing shape (the girl works out I tell ya)  and I couldn’t believe the amount of women that gathered together to start Yoga classes in an effort to better themselves after hearing her new music. “It may sound crazy but this woman seriously changed my life with the video, I realized I could be classy, sexy and even FIT” mentioned @AmberOnDaRise via Twitter.  @Avg_Rarity mentioned on Twitter “… thanks for the reminder that less is more and carefree is pretty.” Did we stumble upon another anthem showcasing women in a less over sexualized manner that makes them aware of their bodies? Feminism Much?
“The bible says within 1 Corinthians 6:19 (which I have 2 devotionals dedicated to within my upcoming book) within the NIV version that:
Do You KNOW that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You ARE NOT YOUR OWN;”
Think about that. You are not your own. The body is considered a temple and it is up to you to embrace it on loan and therefore, take care of it. You are to recognize that it is not yours and act accordingly. This has to do with how you treat yourself and who you allow to be in the company of your body. Make sure that you are being handled with care. Think of your body as a car that you have on loan from your boss and it is a high-priced luxury car. Would you just treat it any kind of way, I think not. Wouldn’t you be afraid that the way you treated the Boss’s care would have a direct effect on your employment and perception / image around the office?  Why is it that we don’t look and think of our bodies in  the same way? Listen to Janelle as she touches on how society tries to make you care less even stray away from your moral roots and make you think that degrading yourselves simply because you are a woman is necessary  and that is what is needed in order to maintain some form of relevance and reply with her power phrase “get OFF my AREOLA!”

Watch The Video Here:

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  1. Wait a minute she switched up everything! But a sister is looking good I must say! Who knew she was stacked like that! Wow Lhard

  2. This was an amazing write up. I have no clue how you were able to sneak in the God piece so eloquently but you did.

  3. I’m so glad you retweeted this I was getting ready when you posted it the morning and forgot to look at it but I’m glad I did. What a blessed way to start off a Monday.

  4. Let me hurry up and add this comment while its fresh since you sent out the text! This was good baby girl. I enjoyed it

  5. Girl I know Janelle has to see this. I think you’re the only one that made the connection. Everyone else is stuck on her diversifying her sound.

  6. I felt some kind of way being a dude reading an all pink blog at my desk but the little embarrassing moments with my coworkers is worth it for your content

  7. This was a stretch for me and I was totally disappointed by this post. Nothing you wrote had merit . I wish I could take my click back and regain my time wasted reading this crap!!!

  8. I can’t take this seriously! She’s literally playing into the stereotypes you say she’s avoiding . How is this empowering?

  9. Insanely unique look at this song. I’ve never read a modern conservative blog before. I’m impressed and just subscribed

  10. I appreciate sisters who care about their bodies. It’s seriously a topic that I’m glad you just TOUCHED on. Too many black women walking around thinking it’s cute to be fat and or obese and calling themselves thick. We have lost our way. Sisters need to do better

  11. I think the analogy of being a luxury car of Gods is great. Why aren’t we taught that. We hear your body is a temple but how do you know how to keep a temple in good shape. Girl that was an amazing post!

  12. I’ve had four different people share this post on my timeline so I just had to come read Oran’s see what the buzzes about. My mind is blown by the authors ability to make this even link together. I never would’ve gotten that on my own. I would’ve just danced to the beat.

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