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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex Just Yet

This weekend revealed numerous revelations to me about love and relationships. Yes, I said love and relationships because the two are different things and although they are major components within each other hopefully, more than often they are not. Therefore Ive combined 5 reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with him just yet based upon my horrible experiences as well as a few of my girlfriends and I hope we can all unite and hold out on “the goodies” until he proves he is “worthy ” of them or it, depending on your skill set!

5. You’re A Conquest:
Many men love the thrill of the chase and just want to make sure that they can still get a woman if they tried. This has nothing to do with you being pretty or him wanting to start a life with you because you are “IT” but yet its the hunt. An easy way to figure this out is by paying attention to what he says and if he constantly searches for some form of praise and or can’t help tooting his own horn. Time will tell with this one but if you hold out he will not be around for long unless he is overly persistent. The only way to stop him in his tracks is to enforce commitment before you get intimate!

4. You’re A Parenthesis:
You’re the break from real life that has no meaning but to add more character to his overall fantasy. He is not interested in giving up his current situation and is looking for a mere escape to make every day life a little more exciting. This guy is comfortable with stability but is intrigued by spontaneity. He’s the guy that will say he just wants casual sex and no commitment. You can never reach him under your own terms but you deal with it because you can see the potential and hope that one day he will see yours too but honey he has other commitments and none of them are to or with you. You can avoid this recipe for emotional disaster by holding out and not settling for a roll in the hay because in the end you’ll be the one with the dirty back feeling useless.

3. You’re Just Like The Rest Of Them:
Men are used to getting what they want because many women are willing to settle just so they can have someone to call their own. Men have caught on to this concept and that’s why even the guys that don’t have much to offer are cheating. They cheat because they know they can and every woman they have ever been with forgave them time and time again. Stop being the typical woman who will put up with anything and holding out will be the first step in letting him know that you are different. If men have to step up their game to get you the more they will hopefully respect you and value you. That’s when you’re dealing with a man and not a womanizer. They don’t care because they are always in it to win it by any means necessary.

2. Whats Done In The Dark Will Eventually Come To Light:
The three-month rule doesn’t exist just because. It is actually a good time period to decipher your feelings for someone and their morale. It’s best to get to know who you are dealing with before connecting with them intimately because there is such a thing called a soul-tie. There is a chemical name for it as well but when women have sex with a man they often develop a chemical tolerance and desire for them that wouldn’t be as strong if they never had sex. When you give a man a part of you before you know if he will respect and or value you, you ultimately devalue yourself. I know it sounds harsh but if you wait and see if he is sincere and not believe that love happens just like it does within the movies, heartbreak might not be as familiar.

1. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait:
By waiting to be intimate with someone you get to know the real them and they get to know the real you and once you reach that level of comfort that makes way to commitment, you’ll be able to make love. Love and communication are the fundamental elements within a successful union and without them any relationship is doomed.In other words your relationship is like a seed, its useless without a foundation, protection, sun, and water. If you want something to grow there needs to be a divine order of preparation and execution.

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