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Avoid Your Chances of Divorce & Submit to Your Man

Over the weekend I received a ton of emails and comments from readers that felt that my blog “7 Reasons Kim Kardashian is Getting Married” touched on a few major issues some chose to avoid within relationships. Apparently, men are getting tired of the modern woman’s attitude while women are frustrated by a lack of chivalrous men this day in age. Overall, the opposite sexes are clashing and relationships aren’t working out because no one knows their official role anymore.

Back in the day we all knew that a man worked and provided for a family while the woman was responsible for taking care of the family. This type of dynamic gave both parties an important role within the relationship and in order for anyone to profit both sides had to fulfill their responsibilities. Reader Paul insisted that “ …now women are too caught up in making things happen for themselves and expecting a guy to keep up and or show her up.” I agree Paul. While growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I can remember being told that I needed to do” for self” and not expect to be able to depend on a man. Such advice came from my grandmother who was currently married and also went through a divorce. She was at one point a single mother and vowed to only deal with a man who could be deemed as a good provider.

Relationships are difficult in general but when you factor in emotions, wants, needs and sensitivity they get dangerous. “I think Kim Kardashian will get divorced AGAIN in a few months I doubt they will last beyond a year because her husband won’t be able to compete with her media stunts. He seems to be a settled down type guy and I can’t see Kim giving into that” August, a faithful reader mentioned via email.

Can we as women truly settle down this day in age? Can we make our men happy and return to the roles outlined by us centuries ago. Have we received too much freedom and in turn damaged the family structure within society for good with our quest to be equal? “Can you imagine Kim Kardashian with babies, no nannie, cooking in the kitchen and taking kids to soccer games? I doubt it. Why marry her. Women today are obsessed with the wrong things and guys aren’t taking it anymore. Expect to be single diva” said Page Wilshire via private message board.

Lastly, Amanda gave the ultimate request via a gtalk conversation that would give birth to a solution that lessens the chances of a failed marriage, and or relationship and her answer is to “SUBMIT!” The bible says somewhere that when a man findeth a wife he findeth a good thing. You can’t be good if all you care about is YOU. You have to be like Ruth. (Ruth is a character within the Bible. She’s easy to find she has her own book!) So, if women would just submit and allow their men to be just that- a man divorce wouldn’t be the best option. “Look at J. Lo and Mark Anthony. Clearly she didn’t allow him to be the provider and as a result destroyed their family structure. Women need to stop being so selfish and know their role if they want things to work. It’s ok to be successful but don’t overshadow your man. It can’t end good if you do” mentioned Mark Miranda via email.

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