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Can You Date An Overly Frugal Man?

Everyone knows that I am a little reckless with money, naturally. That comes from being a spoiled rotten brat and not valuing and or appreciating the handwork that usually takes place in order to have /obtain and or maintain money. Therefore, I use it up until it is gone and find a way to get some more after that. Oddly, I survive on being “broke” and rarely suffer. Dont get me wrong, I’ve had my moments when my lights were cut off and I couldn’t pay rent. I’ve seen BROKE but during that time I knew I couldn’t pay ALL of my bills so I paid “on them” meaning I just put a little towards bringing my balance down and tried to live my life with the money I did have. I doubt that part of me will ever change which is why I NOW know I need to marry a financially responsible man who won’t be afraid to say “YOU CAN NOT BUY THIS AND OR SPEND OVER THIS AMOUNT OR I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU AND OR RUB YOUR BELLY WHEN YOURE ‘PMSing”. So, I was dating this awesome guy that I really cared for and almost had that rumble in my belly that makes you almost want to ask yourself if HE could be THE ONE.

We’d only dated for a short 5 months and in that time he had become my very best friend and we got along very well. The only time we would bump heads was when it dealt with money. It is a well-known fact that most relationships that do not last usually have some element of financial difficulties hidden within their issues. I felt bad about such a serious topic plaguing us so early in our relationship. Here is a list of the top 5 incidents that made me realize that there is a difference between being cheap and being fiscally responsible in a relationship.

He Made Me Pay If I didn’t Have A Coupon

I remember suggesting we stop for a quick bite to eat before heading in for the night since I’d just gotten off work. He didn’t ask me what I had a taste for he asked me what did I have a coupon for. I said I was too tired to search for a coupon online and asked if we could just get some food. He then pulled up to White Castle and proceeded to order and asked me what I wanted. I told him. We pulled up to the window and trust you me his right hand lifted and moved towards me in a motion suggesting that I provided monitory payment in exchange for a few tasty vittles. I told him to pay for it and he said that he “doesn’t buy food outside of the food budget and we could eat what we have at home but since [you] want to eat out [you] must want to pay for it.” Thats when I knew that having a man who would play me like this over 11 dollars and 69 cents at White Castle might not be the one for life.


I remember chilling in his studio apartment watching an awesome marathon of Special Victims Unit when I got up to toss my bottle of juice on my way to the bathroom. When I came out I saw him digging in the trash in search of my bottle and then he pulled out a Kool-Aid jar from the fridge only to pour the remaining juice (from my trash) in the container while telling me that I waste too much food. I then questioned EVERYTHING that he ever gave me from that fridge.

He Asked Me To Get On The Pill Because It Was Cheaper Than Condoms

Ladies, its important to make sure that you protect yourself when you’re out here in these bed sheets. Therefore, I always use protection when I am sexually active. I 98% of the time only have sex when I am in a committed relationship. Therefore, I guess not using condoms would be ok but Im overly paranoid and the idea of not knowing would drive me to a mental ward at 33 years of age. With that in mind can you image the shock I felt when he suggested I get on the pill because condoms are too expensive. If I were a “pill” kind of girl I would’ve been on it by now. Birth control in general makes me sick. That is an extremely personal thing for me to share on my blog but guys need to know that it’s not like popping a certs. Birth control is a hormone it can change how you feel, act, rest, respond and even grow. You shouldn’t suggest that to a woman as if it’s not a major thing for her to do. IT IS MEDICINE! I ignored him for the rest of the night and he took that as me thinking about it but it was really my way of avoiding taking the bus home at 2 am.

He Made His OWN GAS

I remember when he helped me move in my new apartment. He asked me to tell him how many trips I would need to make so that he can map out his plan for gas. Normally he would drive around all day using an app that compared gas prices but he reunited with a college buddy that taught him how to brew his own gas. Yes, you read that correctly, he made his own gas. So, he wanted to know how much gas he needed to use so that he could make enough. Just the new smell alone of fried food wafting through the air made me sick as can be and if that wasn’t enough it seeped into every stitch of my clothes and even after dry cleaning and numerous washes that smell makes a guest appearance every now and then.

Going Out In Public Was ALWAYS Embarrassing

The LAST and final straw with this guy was when he took me to the movies for the second time ever in life while we were dating. I forgot that the first time he refused to throw our trash away and tossed it somewhere in the back of his truck. I was only reminded of that when we pulled up in the parking lot and he was suddenly digging for something. I was beyond afraid when he pulled out that very same bag and rinsed out our cups and nacho tray. He asked me to put them in my purse along with a bag of Doritos and a can of cheese. I shouldn’t have done it but I seriously wanted to see how this played out. We got into the theater using two fake student id’s and proceeded to our designated area. He then walked up to the counter and told the young man he had dropped his tray and needed more cheese and ice. The teller apologized and immediately gave us some cheese and filled our cups with ice. I was in shock and continued to let this play out. We went into the theater and he pops open this bag of Doritos mixes the hot cheese with the can of cheese and pulls a 2 liter from his pants and begins to pour. I stayed for the movie but when we pulled up to my house I had to let him know that I was no longer interested in a relationship with him.

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