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He Won’t Call or Text, Why Do Adults Ignore Each Other

I’ve noticed over the past few months that adults are unable to communicate properly for the most part. Thirty something’s lack the “guts” needed to tell people they are romantically involved with their true feelings! In a world that thrives on public opinion and people’s ability to share their theories with others via social media, public forums and more the same people are too “chicken to say,” I’m just not that into you.

I am a blunt person that respects people and myself enough to tell you what’s on my mind. Even if the truth hurts , I will tell my partner something if I’m unhappy and or uncomfortable because that’s what adults do, right? Well? Maybe not. I guess I am rare since I’ve recently encountered a few friends that no longer wanted to date people and they started ignoring them. What is the reason behind this? How can anyone be open to anyone else if we as adults prefer to shut people out. Hell it has even happened to me and it only makes you bitter and lose respect for a person you once adored.

Let’s see why you and or someone you may know would benefit from not being straight forward.

5. They want to have an open door policy where they can come and go in your emotional life as they please without consequence .

4. They want to avoid conflict and having a conversation that would force them to highlight their own faults and listen to your thoughts.

3. They honestly and truly do not know how to communicate properly and feel that the best way over that hurdle is to walk by it like it never was there.

2. They don’t even think you’re worth the time and or energy to be let go like a human being freed from captivity.

1. You just might be crazy and they fear for their safety if they break up with you like normal people do. Honey, if they changed their number and your email bounces back, you might need to hit my girl Bea Arthur up over at .p

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