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Techy Tuesday : 7 Must Have Apps

                                                  Proverbs 24: 5 GOD’S WORD® Translation
“A strong man knows how to use his strength, but a person with knowledge is even more powerful.”

I am addicted to apps. Every week I find myself trying out new apps that make life easier, entertain or make me smarter/richer. I’ve decided to share the things that catch my eye that at first glance seem worthy enough of occupying my royal memory on my iPhone. Let me know if anything catches your eye as well.

7. Fighter Verses
This app allows you to quiz yourself on your knowledge of the bible. You choose a scripture and try different techniques to memorize your favorite scriptures. I am horrible at memorizing things , if you’ve seen me recite any of my poems live, I read from my books. I’m afraid I’ll mess up the text and dilute and or screw up the content of the piece. I feel the same way about scripture , this app helps but I’m in need of a lot more help . I give this app a 6/7 its functionality is a little awkward and the it crashes if you take too long . Give it a download.


6. I-Tunes University
The Internet is making learning even more accessible and affordable. Every time you turn around someone is uploading a free course that can help you define some type of skill or expand your knowledge. Many aren’t aware of Apples I-tunes University which hosts online classes that focus on History, Math , Science and even Magazine Writing. I was shocked and downloaded the app immediately and fell in love. I hope you guys will enjoy the more structured and enjoyable blog posts to come as a result of such courses. This app gets a 7/7 and totally worth the download. If you don’t want to take up too much space, feel free to open the modules up via the Internet .

5. Tidal
Yes, I downloaded Tidal and fell in love with the sound quality and the easy navigation process. I loved the fact that I could develop diverse playlist that I can switch up without a hassle and even merge together. The catalog of most of the artists were limited but I guess that is to be expected. I’m more of a treble girl than bass so making that adjustment was a snap. Lastly, the price wasn’t bad for the quality of music that was obviously worth the upgrade. I give Tidal a 7/7 and worthy of a download!

4. Acorns
Many of you know that I am a girl who needs to save my coins . As a frequent shopper, the Acorn app makes sure that while I’m being reckless with my funds I’m also investing my funds. I’ve added a round-up of two dollars from every purchase I swipe with my debit card. This is awesome while I have money but hone, I can only image what the struggle would be like when my ends are low. This app moves slow with the take away process (withdrawal) so you’ll need to keep an eye open on that otherwise your bank will be the one enjoying your investments. If you’re serious about stacking some cash I recommend this app. I give it a 7/7 and worthy of a download.

3. TwoDots
I used to call this game TwoBalls which is highly inappropriate . This is a game for the mind. It is a sneaky little thing that makes you think it’s easy at first until it gets you hooked. Soon you’ll be calling on the name of the Lord to bless you with wisdom so you can connect a group of balls and move on to the next glorious level. If you’re one that cannot avoid a challenge give this app a try! I give it a 6/7 because I can’t move pass level 6 and it’s a conspiracy! Gone ahead and downloading and let me know how you do!

2. 7 Minute Workout Center
This app is awesome for people who are work in an office. Trust me! You’ll be more productive if you utilize this app just twice during your work day! The moves are outstanding and you can find ways to modify the exercises to better fit your cubicle limitations. I can’t get enough of this app I use it when I wake up and an hour before I go to bed and I’ve noticed a difference. Make it happen folks and download this app!

1. Weave
This app has awesome potential but since I live in the hood (West Side of Chicago) the networking appeal of this is low. I can see this being a big deal in the right areas. I was able to really rack up some CUTE folks with similar interest while walking around downtown, it’s the Tender for Career goers! I give it a 5/7 because it lacks the ability to narrow your prospects. Gosh, I know this is a REAL dating app but if Id love to be able to network with people similar to me for a more impactful appeal.


image image

Honorable Mention:
This is a cool app that will quench the thirst of any comic book fiend. I only downloaded this app because it recently featured my one and only favorite comic which happens to be called The Protectors created by former Chicago Bear and World wide Hero Israel Idonije. Learn about what super hero athletes go through to make the world a better place and use their talents for the Preservation of all mankind. It debuted at the Chicago Comic Con which took place the past weekend. I’ll give the app 7/7 for featuring Izzy’s Comic which is well written and the graphic artistry is mind-blowing. In case you didn’t know Comics are cool at any age. Gone and give this a download!

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