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Branding is the foundation you build your marketing and sales offers on. I believe in scoping your niche , mission and impact to focus on a brand that doesn’t NEED to sell because your network, influence and passion does it for you. Working with us helps to change the future as we host monthly holistic mentoring workshops for youth that empower them with STEM education, Business Acumen and more via the Mogul Academy.  At Jessica LaShawn Consulting we focus on three pivotal parts of your BRANDING. We are all about legacy, timelessness and networking. Those key elements can offer more opportunity and respect than anything else on the road to garnering business partnerships. 

How We Serve

Jessica LaShawn takes Mogul Academy Students to Uber Event

At Jessica LaShawn Consulting we provide consultations that assist personal brands and small businesses with the necessary strategy and tools to establish a Brand that  is fueled to serve with ease, clarity and impact. Jessica LaShawn uses your business goals and needs to teach her mentees how to research, problem solve, build business acumen and utilize STEM components to prepare for a life of success. 



When someone checks out your website, we illustrate that your knowledge is beyond stellar and absolutely vital to a successful life. We do this by having a small e-book to offer, or perhaps record a video interview so that visitors can get an idea of who you are.



It’s important to optimize your off-site SEO. We do our best to ensure that your articles, blog posts, ads, and everything else you do to drive traffic to your site are optimized.

Brand Build-Out

Brand Build-Out

We break down the fundamental elements of content necessary to have prior to creating a website and or digital campaigns.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

We break down the fundamental elements necessary to make sure your content solves your current, future and past problems sufficiently.

Integrations Budget

Integrations Budget

We break down the fundamental elements of your content costs from hosting, application integrations, workflows and more. Our goal is to understand what you need to fulfill your needs BEFORE we get started building your branded content.

Want to Do It Yourself?

Check out our digital products to get the job done on your own terms and time.

D.I.Y. Digital Products

The Perfect Website WORKBOOK

The Perfect Website Workbook

Workbook Brand Building Fundamentals - Jessica LaShawn Consulting Course Workbook For Introduction to Personal Brand Building

Brand Building Fundamentals

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Jessica LaShawn Consulting is a branding powerhouse that helps businesses increase their search-ability online. Services include website design, social media content creation, and customer relations management. Monthly newsletters are sent to customers with updates on the latest trends and changes in the industry.


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