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What Happens During a Brand Consultation?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from an effective brand optimization strategy. At Jessica LaShawn Consulting, we offer comprehensive brand optimization consultation services.

By working with Jessica LaShawn Consulting during a brand optimization consultation, companies are sure to benefit from our expertise in understanding their specific business needs in order to create an effective plan tailored to their individual objectives. By utilizing these elements together we strive to help businesses increase user engagement, digital visibility  growth, brand awareness, and sales while providing real results through creative and proven solutions that are successful across different industries. Contact us today at [email] or visit our website [website] for more information – we look forward to helping your business succeed!

Prices May Be Subjected to Change. Click Lets Talk below to schedule a quick zoom call to talk about your business and see how I can help build your brand kit. 

Business Logistics
Understanding the impact logistics have on customer service, efficiency, product fulfillment, and cost containment.
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Brand Event Brainstorming Session
We will develop an event strategy for both online and or offline with a comprehensive plan including event conceptualization, vendor management, budget development, marketing and promotion, coordination, live streaming setup, post-event analysis, and virtual event management.
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