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Jessica LaShawn Brand Strategist Mentor and Entrepreneur for Jessica LaShawn Consulting Its Jess Branding Podcast

Hi, I'm Jessica LaShawn

Your Brand Strategist and Mentor

Jessica LaShawn Consulting is unique because we help people build their business with their past, present and future in mind. The goal is to encompass all of you as an individual, wrap it up into an experience and assist you with serving and impacting the world strategically utilizing your strengths. Our journey to developing a branded business acumen requires self awareness, goals and open-mindedness. 

Gone are the days of someone being known by their name. We live in a world where people know you by your BRAND!

-Jessica LaShawn-

A little More About Our Niche

What Makes Us Different

At Jessica LaShawn Consulting we focus on the person behind the brand to curate a networking strategy that makes raising awareness on and offline more organic and natural. Our focus is to take the business out of the experience but ensure to maintain professionalism, clarity and quality.


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Jessica LaShawn Consulting Founder Brand Strategist and Mentor

Unlock Your Dreams

Lets work together to build a brand that makes you proud daily while you serve your global community . Your brand is more than a logo, font and colors- it is an experience that empowers, equips and changes the world with every experience. Your brand is your legacy. Lets help it LIVE!